Guest post on the Juniper J-Net Blog

A few months ago my random dribbling on twitter started to get some attention “in the real world” and a very nice young lady in Juniper’s social media/Digital marketing program asked if I was interested in producing a guest blog.. Low and behold a few months later we are finally there!…

Rather than drill into the minutia of Junos CLI, I thought it would be more interesting to talk about the process involved of reviewing your Firewall deployment. I could easily waffle on for days on the subject, but berivity won over.

Went live this afternoon, please have a read and would love to receive your comments (preferably on J-Net if possible!)

Thanks very much to the diminutive @ZoeSands for her patience and walking this mumbling nerd through the process getting my words in order and posted on the interwebs.

Just to keep things “exciting” I’m going to properly transcribe the unboxing the of the new MAG Pulse gateways I did a few days ago but this time with better photographs!




1 thought on “Guest post on the Juniper J-Net Blog

  1. Zoe Sands

    Thanks Glen, appreciate your feedback. I especially like the use of "young" in your post. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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