Enjoying my 15 minutes of blogging fame

Given that I can’t sing, dance, do impressions (except perhaps “Consuela“) or have the actual talent to invent anything from scratch, then my options for global mega-stardom are pretty limited..So as per usual I’ve stumbled into blogging for anyone who’ll ask.  So far that’s Juniper Networks and now, home of the uber-nerds at Packet Pushers.  It was an honour to be asked for both and I hope to be able to contribute for both on a reasonably regular basis.  Juniper is one of the major vendors I work with on a daily basis and blogging for them is very different from blogging for myself (posterous) and and Packetpushers.  Juniper (and particularly @Zoesands) have been very encouraging in developing my style and writing more or less what I want, corporate blogging is actualy a bit easier than writing for PP.  The spotlight is greater on J-Net, and it pushes me to be the best communicator I can be.  Blogging for PP (again, still early days) is tougher as in a smaller group, the eyes are fixed upon it more clearly.  If I published a blog on J-Net that was unspeakable drivel, it’d be deleted in a nano-second and forgotten about even quicker.  PP is stuffed full of CCIEs; whilst I question the sanity of their marketing tactics of late; you have to respect their training program and anyone who has sat and passed the labs.  I doubt that you’ll ever see a bad blog post from me on PP, I’m not sure that I’d dare submit one..


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