Juniper MAG unboxing Part III is now on-line

I’ve now completed my trilogy on the Juniper MAG boxes and the final part is now on Packet Pushers. As I’d hinted previously it was a bit of doozy, not least of all because of a ran into a rare hardware issue which fortunatly I was able to solve without violating any warranty stickers..

This will be last PP post for a little while as I need to focus on other commitments but will be back soon, I’ve a training course booked in a couple of weeks and I’m bound to have something to say about that 🙂

Have a read and let me know what you think…


3 thoughts on “Juniper MAG unboxing Part III is now on-line

  1. ALex

    Hi Glen,Can I ask you MAG related question – we are considering MAG 2600 for our customer but I am unable to find anything regarding documentation with examples on these things (SSL gateways). I’d really appreciate if you could point me towards something.All I was able to find on Juniper site was either data sheets or license ordering information. Is there anything that looks more like ScreenOS "Concepts and Examples " available for MAG gateways?Thank you.

  2. sslboy

    Hi, no problems. Essentially the MAGs from a software perspective are the same as the Juniper SSL VPN/IVE appliances. Everything which applies to them also applies to the MAG. There is no one Concepts and Examples guide but the most complete documentation can be found in the Secure Access Service Administration Guide, which can be found here: that helps.Glen

  3. Alex

    Thank you – this is exactly what I had in mind – software documentation relationship to the hardware platform is not very transparent on the web site.


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