Broken Promises and more than one new home

Well my plan to update this blog more regularly in 2013 has well and truly gone to hell in a hand basket. Culminating in the closure of the the erstwhile posterous and me only managing to extract this content before it was deleted forever.

So here we are, finally gotten around to importing the old content into a shiny-new WordPress site. I even relented and sprung for a proper domain name, so when inevitably when WordPress gets purchased by ICanHazCheezburger and also shut down, I can ensure some sort of continuity.

I also finally moved house, which now seems like a distant, painful memory. But we’re in and dry(ish).

On the writing front, well there has been a ridiculous amount of progress there. I’m now contributing to SearchNetworking on TechTarget, which is a major step forward. I’m working with a pro-editor which is a humbling experience; I’ve learned loads but I’ve still got a way to go before my copy is up to the standard I want it to be.

I’ve got not ONE but TWO “proper” books in the works, one of as sole author the other as a contributor.  Both currently in editing hell but I’ll reveal more about them soon enough as they should be seeing the light of day in June with any luck.

At the beginning of year Juniper also made be an Ambassador; more on that later. You may recognise my gurning mug HERE:

I’ll update in the next few days with some links to my latest posts and a few other things, promise!


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