My first book is published!

I’m very pleased to report that a book to which I’ve have contributed has now been published and is now available on iTunes and the Amazon Kindle Store.  It is a “cookbook” which directly addresses some of the “most often seen” support issues around Juniper products.

This was a terrific opportunity for myself and the other Juniper Ambassadors to put to bed some of things we see on a daily basis.  As you might expect, the focus of the book is very much around the Junos latform, notably SRX and EX, but there is plenty of stuff on the IVE platforms; SA/MAG and UAC.  This was a side project for me and indeed I didn’t think that I would have time to contribute, but delays on my “other” book gave me an opportunity to fit this in.  It was great working with the other Ambassadors on such an ambitious book, hopefully we will all get the opportunity to work on other collaborative projects in the future.

The book itself is “free” from the Juniper web site (free login required). Alternatively it is also available on the Kindle store (Amazon charge £1.38/$2.05 for distribution, I make no money) and is also on iTunes for £0.49/$0.99c (same deal) so you have a choice of evil corporate empires to choose from.

I must thank Julie Wider for putting the project together, Patrick Ames for the unenviable task of editing a fistful of authors into a cohesive style and Nancy Koerbel for the copy editing and proofing (again, a difficult task).

This books success means a great deal to me, so I’d appreciate it if you could have a read!


2 thoughts on “My first book is published!

  1. mycroft

    Thanks for being an ambassador. After making the transition a few years ago, and living with Junos for long enough to train a few folks I still treat em like ASIC based devices.

    root> show configuration | display set
    set system root-authentication plain-text “”
    set system syslog logging host any any
    set system service ssh protocol-version v1
    set crash-timer-for-initial-IDP-rule-parsing 10
    set random-l2cpd-crash-timer-seed e2cf


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