When switch ports lie…

Amy Engineer

Ah, that moment when you solve some weird IT issue in record time while a suitably impressed customer watches. The customer thinks you’re a genius yet you know you honed in on the solution so quickly not because of your crazy amount of talent and good looks (although these helped of course), but because you instantly recognized the peculiar, tell-tale signs of the odd ball problem at hand. Somewhere along the line you had seen it before and the memory stuck with you. And likely keeps you up at night, but that’s another story…

For that reason, I offer you this: a short recollection of symptoms I experienced when troubleshooting a data cable that turned out to be *mostly* plugged in.

After some re-cabling recently, my team was tasked with testing to confirm everything was coming up roses.  All was good except for one thin client workstation out of 12. This…

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