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Hotel Review – Sirenis Aura Ibiza

For the first time in over a year, and since changing jobs, I took some leave with my family. We didn’t get an opportunity to give feedback, so I wrote a little thing which to post on travel sites. It being one of the first things I completed since I reading “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser, I thought I share it.

As a family we almost expect to be disappointed when we eat out; vegetarians are seldom well catered for. This was not the case at the Sirenis Aura Ibiza. Every lunch and dinner, clear effort had been made to produce at least two vegetarian dishes; there was always an ample selection amongst the regular accompaniments. This meant that we always had a choice of what to eat; we never felt short changed or compelled to find alternative catering. The food was always fresh, and nothing sat around for long.

The waiting staff were excellent; efficient and friendly even when the restaurant was packed. When our little boy dropped a plate, it was swept up almost immediately. When the staff realized he was upset, they made a point of coming over to reassure him. The theme nights, especially the Pirates, were excellent and added to the atmosphere.

The bar staff were also very friendly and patient with our endless demand for slushies. The range of drinks available on the all-inclusive was good; it never felt cheap.

The hotel itself was very well maintained; clean and tidy, inside and out. There was always a cleaner with a mop or a cloth around somewhere. A fault with the air conditioner was fixed without delay. The reception staff were friendly and approachable with the few queries we had.

The pool was very clean, and always staffed by an attentive lifeguard.  Even when we were late to the pool, we never struggled for sun beds or shade.

The entertainment team were very good; Asha Boo, Annie McPhee and Jetset Josh are likeable and naturally funny. Given that their routine was is repeated every week or two, it never felt like they were phoning it in; they always put in maximum effort. They were at their best when they were doing their own thing, or when things didn’t go to plan.  Give them a better budget for props and equipment, and they could do even better. I didn’t have much contact with the kids club teams, but they always made an effort to be friendly and say hello when we saw them around the hotel. In the end our little boy preferred to be in the pool than in the kids club, but having spoken to other parents, they were very positive about it.

I’ve stayed in many hotels over the years for work and leisure, but the Aura was one of the few hotels that actually made me feel like a guest in the truest sense. The hotel and most importantly it’s staff are a credit to the Island; and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking a great family holiday.

So there we go. Micheal Palin I am not, but having written it, I thought I should do something with it. Nice hotel.


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