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GoDaddy: Delegate Subdomain to Different Nameserver

The Network Hobo

  1. Access your GoDaddy domain manager
  2. Select your domain
  3. Select the “DNS Zone File” Tab
  4. Select “Add Record”
  5. Create a new “Nameserver” entry. See capture below. The “host” will be you’re the subdomain you want to point. Use the proper nameserver naming format or GoDaddy will kick an error.5
  6. If you do not have a FQDN for your nameserver you will want to create an A record pointing to its IP:6


I would like to that Glen Kemp who began discussing this topic with me. I thought I should put this up even though GoDaddy clearly supports this procedure in their Support Forums.

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I Can’t Drive 25G

The Networking Nerd


The race to make things just a little bit faster in the networking world has heated up in recent weeks thanks to the formation of the 25Gig Ethernet Consortium.  Arista Networks, along with Mellanox, Google, Microsoft, and Broadcom, has decided that 40Gig Ethernet is too expensive for most data center applications.  Instead, they’re offering up an alternative in the 25Gig range.

This podcast with Greg Ferro (@EtherealMind) and Andrew Conry-Murray (@Interop_Andrew) does a great job of breaking down the technical details on the reasoning behind 25Gig Ethernet.  In short, the current 10Gig connection is made of four multiplexed 2.5Gig connections.  To get to 25Gig, all you need to do is over clock those connections a little.  That’s not unprecedented, as 40Gig Ethernet accomplishes this by over clocking them to 10Gig, albeit with different optics.  Aside from a technical merit badge, one has to ask themselves “Why?”

High Hopes


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Alfa Romeo 159 Ti SportWagen

Time to buy an Electric Car

I’ve said many times, to anyone who’ll listen, I’m a petrol head. I love cars, I love driving and I love Motorsport. However, as I’ve gotten older, head has ruled heart and increasingly I’ve gone down the sensible, practical route. This has however been pretty soul destroying. My current, beloved Alfa Romeo 159 SW is all but paid off, and it’s time to consider what’s next.

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Stock Photo of B&W MM1 Speakers

Short Review on Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 Desktop Speakers

Now I’m working from home on a fairly regular basis, I’ve converted a corner of my spare room/kid’s playroom into an office. It’s got a desk, screens and everything. Despite having a Sonos Play:5 in the room, it’s not really suited me for day-to-day music. For some reason I find it too distracting.

Having looked around for a while for a set of “Hi-Fi” desktop speakers for a while, I looked at the old favourite CreativeLabs Gigaworks T40 (relatively cheap, but too large for my needs) to the more exotic and well-regarded Focal XS Book Speakers. I eventually settled on the Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) MM-1 desktop speakers. At £399 this was right at the top of what I wanted to spend for something that might only get intermittent use, but I discovered that some B&W dealers such as Unilet have a limited stock of reconditioned units for £299. After taking delivery via their sister company Home Media in Maidstone, I’ve had nearly a week of playing with them, and thought I’d share my thoughts.

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