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Hotel Sirenis Ibiza Pool

Hotel Review – Sirenis Aura Ibiza

For the first time in over a year, and since changing jobs, I took some leave with my family. We didn’t get an opportunity to give feedback, so I wrote a little thing which to post on travel sites. It being one of the first things I completed since I reading “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser, I thought I share it.

As a family we almost expect to be disappointed when we eat out; vegetarians are seldom well catered for. This was not the case at the Sirenis Aura Ibiza. Every lunch and dinner, clear effort had been made to produce at least two vegetarian dishes; there was always an ample selection amongst the regular accompaniments. This meant that we always had a choice of what to eat; we never felt short changed or compelled to find alternative catering. The food was always fresh, and nothing sat around for long.

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The importance of a Good Editor – What I’ve learned so far

In my on-going war against paper clutter, I happened to stumble across 10 year old photocopies of the first thing I had published. It was from the now defunct “Info Security Management” (ISM) Magazine; at a time before technology publishers only used the Internet for ordering paper subscriptions. I’ve scanned it into a PDF below, the quality isn’t terrific.(about 6MB). Apologies if anyone other than me can claim copyright, but given the obscurity of the article if anyone was interested; certainly I couldn’t find it online.

Link to To Firewall Review

ISM Firewall Review PDF (6MB)

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Broken Promises and more than one new home

Well my plan to update this blog more regularly in 2013 has well and truly gone to hell in a hand basket. Culminating in the closure of the the erstwhile posterous and me only managing to extract this content before it was deleted forever.

So here we are, finally gotten around to importing the old content into a shiny-new WordPress site. I even relented and sprung for a proper domain name, so when inevitably when WordPress gets purchased by ICanHazCheezburger and also shut down, I can ensure some sort of continuity.

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