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Why “BYOD” Policies are keeping me awake at night


In June 2010 a customer was starting to mull the idea of a “Bring your own Device” (BYOD) policy. There are various interpretations of this but it’s been certainly been driven by the huge growth in smartphones and tablets in the enterprise.  A story familiar to you all: CxO of your company is a “technical” and brings into the office Foxconn’s finest fondleware.  Suddenly it’s your number one priority to “increase the productivity” of this shiny-haired buffoon by allowing him to strut around the place with a rare-earth vanity mirror Facebooking his Mum or what-not.  I’m going to focus on the whole practicalities of access and network access control in a future blog, but as you may suspect, I’ve got a bit of an issue with these policies and what it means to the enterprise and the poor sap whose job it is too keep the data where it’s supposed to be and looked at by whom it’s supposed to be.

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