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2012 – A Year in Books

2012 roared past like traffic on motorway for me; can’t believe my last post here was in January. Writing has progressed well and I’ve done quite a lot for Packet Pushers and several things I’ve very proud of for Juniper JNet. This has led to more opportunities, none of which have yet seen the light of day yet but these should start trickling out in January. 

I’m going to attempt to update this blog more often in 2013 if I can with general science/technology stuff and “anything else” which interests me. In lieu of a “proper” website I’ll update my various projects, personal and professional here.

Rather than write an extended blow-by-blow account, thought I’d list some of the books I’ve read this year and I’m still working my way through.


Ben Goldacre – Bad Science

Finally got around to reading this, I’ve been a fan his writing (also on Posterous) for a while.  There is a an excellent discussion on the scientific method which underpins everything about the 21st century as well as pleasing dismantling of homeopaths and their “art”. One of my favourite quotes “But these are just stories, and the plural of anecdote of is not data.”

John Scalzi – Redshirts

I came across this IO9, it’s basically the story of the crew of a star ship (paying much homage to Star Trek of course) told form the perspective of the security officers – The Redshirts.  The tale gets very silly and very meta but it was pretty funny. 

Terry Pratchett / Stephen Baxter – The Long Earth

Another “left-field” sci-fi novel. I know that Pratchett is not well (to say the least) and the unkind might say that it is showing in the writing, but I love Discworld and I’ll keep reading them as long as possible.  This is a non-Discworld novel and takes place on a contemporary earth were a very simple machine, a “stepper” allows the owner to move between an infinite number of parallel earths at will.  Lots of interesting concepts and finishes on a cliff hanger!


Southwick / Marschke / Reynolds – Junos Enterprise Routing: A Practical Guide to Junos Routing and Certification


Along with everything else I’m doing, I’m trying to work my way through the JNCIS-ENT material. I’ve not yet finished this but it’s very well written so far.

Marschke / Reynolds – JUNOS Enterprise Switching


This is the companion book for the JNCIS-ENT and has been recommended by many; more reading for me to do!