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Skitch for Windows; Close to perfect – but not quite

One of my current writing projects requires me to produce a LOT of screen captures at the moment and the Windows “Snip” tools isn’t quite cutting it.  I’ve been experimenting with Skitch for Windows, mostly because it directly integrates into Evernote which I use constantly.  Skitch for Mac has been flamed a bunch recently for dropping a bunch of features, most of which seem to be entirely missing from the Windows version. That said I’ve captured over 50 slides in a few hours, so something must be right. Given the project I’m working in is funded from my own back pocket, I’m only going to spring for software which I know works. Skitch has the distinct advantage of (for the moment) being free to use, although it will burn through your Evernote monthly upload allowance very quickly.  However, before I’d awaken the moths in my wallet, the following needs to be sorted:

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