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Short Review – “The Arse First method of Technical Blogging” by Greg Ferro

Well I’ve just finished Greg’s book on blogging, in short it’s very good.  Certainly it gave me insight into why some things have worked better than others.  It provides a great intro to the subject and lots of more intermediate/advanced advice.  Without giving too much away, It’s validated my decision to use an off-the-shelf blogging package (Posterus and now WordPress) and made me think harder about some aspects of my writing, i.e. intros, titling etc, and not to worry about things like SEO.  The biggest insight came with the development of ideas; a couple of things I have done recently I now realise I’ve tried to express three or four different ideas in the space of 500 words and I need to cut that down to one or two.

The point is made several times that there is more than one way of doing things; if you follow the recipe in the book to closely IMO  you’ll end up with a lot of very similar and not that interesting to read posts.  My “Free-form Jazz” style of writing is perhaps the other end of the scale. I’m aware that I still need a lot of work on my writing discipline (which in moderation, is a good thing) and this book has/will definitely help.

In short a good read and the advice is definitely worth the asking price, as if you had to ask.

Once again you can find the book on Lean Pub, “The Arse First method of Technical Blogging” by Greg Ferro