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Internet Distractions

Working from home – Anti-distraction techniques

I’d be lying if I said I found it easy to focus for long periods, especially when working from home.

One things I have found that help enormously is dealing with my phone, and treating it like, you know a phone..

I don’t have that many apps on my phone, but I’ve notice that I’m getting about 20 notifications an hour from twitter, linkedin, G+, not to mention about 3 mail accounts. This is about 160 times a day my already fragile concentration is broken.

So: I put my phone on charge in the next room. I can still hear the ringer if someone actually rings me. Most of the notifications I also get on my laptop anyway, but I’m not tempted to pointlessly acknowledge the same e-mail outlook notified me about 10 seconds earlier.

So there you go. Now stop hooning about on the Internet and do some work!

Creative Commons image courtesy of ronocdh

Working from home Desktop

Some notes on working from home 3 months in

As I’ve alluded in my previous posts, I’ve been working from a little while now and thought it would be worth capturing some of the things that I’ve noticed. This is little more than a list, but thought I should share¬†anyway.¬† Continue reading