This is a curated list of written works and publications I’ve worked on or had creative involvement.  This is mostly stuff I’m especially proud of or gathered a lot of feedback. There are also links to projects and case studies which I’ve worked on but have not necessarily been named, but I can share limited details on privately.



Day One: Deploying Junos WebApp Secure

This is my first, solo project book. This was actually completed before the Ambassdor’s cookbook but for a variety of reasons was published in July 2013. It is available on the Amazon Kindle Store and ITunes shortly afterwards.

Day One: Juniper Ambassadors Cookbook for Enterprise

This is a collaborative work with a number of other authors from the Juniper Ambassadors group. This is not the first book I completed, but was the first to be professionally published.


The Realpolitik of Technical Pre-Sales

This was a post written specifically for Packet Pushers, whilst this hardly counts as an “industry expose” it does highlight some of the failings and motivations of the pre-sales process.

Lessons Which Information Security Can Learn From the Fukushima Incident Report

Whilst this article is probably over long, I loved writing and researching it.

A Blueprint for the New Network with Juniper Networks EX Series and vGW at the Core

This is an article I’m very proud of as it covers advanced network design and more than a bit of long-distance thinking.

Opinion Pieces/Rants

Network penetration testing isn’t working: Why you still get hacked

I’ve had a long-standing hatred of organisations who pay only lip-service to network security; edited by the excellent folks at SearchNetworking/Tech Target.

If you need systems training, don’t wait for others to provide it

This post very much borne of frustration, but equally could be a case of making “Lemonade of Lemons”

Case Studies

Global Remote Access Solution for a Global Company – Deploying Juniper Networks’ MAG

This is one of the largest remote access projects I’ve ever worked on, supporting many thousands of concurrent users in all four corners of the globe.

Engineering Giant Successfully Secures Global Workforce (PDF)

The same project was also used as a case study by SecurEnvoy which provided the Two-factor authentication technology. Although not specifically mentioned, the success of the project hinged on the integration work that I (at SecureData) undertook.

Switching to Juniper Networks EX from Cisco Catalyst – Risk and Reward

This switching project may well have been chicken feed by many standards, but it’s another project I’m very proud. It demonstrates creative design to meet a niche requirement; I was especially proud when I learned that Juniper SE’s at the time used it as a reference point as up until then, no one else could demonstrate this particular method working in production.

Invensys – Supplying global technologies February 2013 (original) (Local copy)

This is one of the largest single projects I’ve worked on as sole technical lead.  Very little of the copy in this document is mine, but technical design and the commercial proposal was all my own work.

For a full list of my publications, please check out my individual author pages: on ,  Juniper J-NetPacketPushers and SearchNetworking.


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