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Samsung UE28E850R - Official image

Samsung U28E850R 4k 28″ – Quick Review

In my never-ending-quest to find desktop utopia, I decided it was time to move on from my Dell UP2414Q, and select something bigger. All the reviews (and the wirecutter seems to be typical) suggest that the Dell P2715Q is the class of the field. However, given the exchange rate this was beyond my budget, even after literally emptying out my change jar. So, casting my net further I found the memorably named Samsung U28E850R.

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IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk in user

IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk Review – 1 Month in

For most of my professional life I have sat on my arse, staring at a screen. You get to thirty something and start worrying about the long-term health drawbacks of a such a sedentary lifestyle. Spurned on by a home-office move and ongoing back grumbles I bought myself an IKEA BEKANT standing desk. You can easily spend a fortune on these things, however I’m unashamed to have made more than a few “tactical” Ikea furniture purchases. It’s built to a precise price point, if you are happy with that definition of value then it’s been generally been acceptable.

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Stock Photo of B&W MM1 Speakers

Short Review on Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 Desktop Speakers

Now I’m working from home on a fairly regular basis, I’ve converted a corner of my spare room/kid’s playroom into an office. It’s got a desk, screens and everything. Despite having a Sonos Play:5 in the room, it’s not really suited me for day-to-day music. For some reason I find it too distracting.

Having looked around for a while for a set of “Hi-Fi” desktop speakers for a while, I looked at the old favourite CreativeLabs Gigaworks T40 (relatively cheap, but too large for my needs) to the more exotic and well-regarded Focal XS Book Speakers. I eventually settled on the Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) MM-1 desktop speakers. At £399 this was right at the top of what I wanted to spend for something that might only get intermittent use, but I discovered that some B&W dealers such as Unilet have a limited stock of reconditioned units for £299. After taking delivery via their sister company Home Media in Maidstone, I’ve had nearly a week of playing with them, and thought I’d share my thoughts.

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