Internet Distractions

Working from home – Anti-distraction techniques

I’d be lying if I said I found it easy to focus for long periods, especially when working from home.

One things I have found that help enormously is dealing with my phone, and treating it like, you know a phone..

I don’t have that many apps on my phone, but I’ve notice that I’m getting about 20 notifications an hour from twitter, linkedin, G+, not to mention about 3 mail accounts. This is about 160 times a day my already fragile concentration is broken.

So: I put my phone on charge in the next room. I can still hear the ringer if someone actually rings me. Most of the notifications I also get on my laptop anyway, but I’m not tempted to pointlessly acknowledge the same e-mail outlook notified me about 10 seconds earlier.

So there you go. Now stop hooning about on the Internet and do some work!

Creative Commons image courtesy of ronocdh


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